Even though Somalia is a member of the Lusaka Agreement and has apparently agreed to but not ratified the Banjul Protocol of ARIPO,  implementation of legislation has not been passed.

Prior to 1991, the 1955 Ordinance applied in Somalia. Following the overthrow of the government in 1991, Somalia has been without a stable central government and it has become virtually impossible to file new trade mark or patent applications in Somalia, or to maintain existing applications/ registrations in Somalia.

Since that time, it has not been possible to file new applications for patents, designs or trademarks, or to renew patent or design applications or trade mark registrations that existed in 1991.

In the absence of a formal registration system in Somalia, Intellectual Property owners may rely on the publication of cautionary notices as a means of giving notice to third parties of the proprietorship of their patents, designs or trademarks and to warn against the unauthorized use of these by third parties.  The publication of notices relating to alcoholic drinks, however, is not permitted.