Types of Trademarks registrable

  1. Tunisia operates a multi-class filing system.
  2. There are no provisions for the registration of collective marks, defensive marks or series marks
  3. The International Classification of goods and services is applicable. Service marks are registrable.
  4. Well-known marks also enjoy protection in this jurisdiction

Documents required for trademark registration

  1. Power of Attorney (not legalized) – a separate form is required for each application
  2. Prints of the mark
  3. Priority document (if applicable), with verified French translation
  4. Details of the applicant.
  5. Specification of goods

International and Regional Arrangements

Tunisia is a member of the Paris convention.


Tunisia is no longer a member of the Madrid Union, however, rights in existing international registrations designating Tunisia are still recognized, and upon renewal priority can be claimed when filing a national application.


Trademark registration is valid for an initial period of ten (10) years and it may be renewed indefinitely for subsequent periods of ten (10) years.

Renewals Documents

  1. Power of Attorney, simply signed, a separate form is required for each registration.
  2. Positive film and 10 prints, even for word marks in ordinary type.


  1. Power of Attorney simply signed.
  2. Deed of Assignment or other instrument of title, with verified French translation.

Change of Name

  1. Power of Attorney simply signed.
  2. Certificate of Change of Name, with verified French translation.

Change of Address

Power of Attorney simply signed.

Licences/Registered Users

  1. Power of Attorney, simply signed, from proprietor and licensee.
  2. License Agreement, with verified French translation.


Filing Requirements:

National Phase PCT Application:

Tunisia recently joined PCT, the patent legislation has not yet been amended to include the filing requirements for national phase PCT applications.

Patents of Invention (non-PCT):

  1. Power of Attorney (simply signed)
  2. Specification claims and abstract in English, Arabic or French
  3. Formal drawings, if applicable
  4. Assignment of Priority Rights
  5. Priority document with verified translation into language in which the application was filed


The term of a patent is twenty (20) years from the filing date.


Renewal fees fall due annually commencing on the first anniversary of the filing date.