International Arrangements
ARIPO, Paris Union, Madrid Union (Protocol), TRIPS
Zimbabwe deposited its instrument of accession to the Madrid Protocol on 11th  December 2014.

Categories of Trade Marks

There are provisions for the registration of service marks, certification marks, collective marks, defensive marks and series marks.


The International Classification of goods and services applies.
A separate application is required for each class of goods or services.

Documents required

  1. Power of Attorney simply signed
  2. Twelve prints, except for word marks in ordinary type
  3. Priority document, with verified English translation


  1. No documents required
  2. Assignments/Mergers
  3. Power of Attorney, simply signed
  4. Deed of Assignment or other instrument of title, with verified English translation

Change of Name

  1. Power of Attorney simply signed
  2. Certificate of Change of Name, with verified English translation


  1. Power of Attorney, simply signed, from proprietor and licensee
  2. Declaration and Statement of Case, with verified English translation

License Agreement, with verified English translation